On Demand with Neil Ben
  • 1 - Introduction to the workshop

    Duration: 19.44 Mins

    Highlighting what the workshop is about and meeting some of the participants.

  • 2 - What is possible

    Duration: 9.02 Mins

    The smartphone in your pocket shoots higher quality video than the camera we were using when I was directing at...

  • 3 - Basic Camera Operation

    Duration: 14.05 Mins

    If you know how to get the best out the video app on your phone you will shoot better videos

  • 4 - Practical 1 - Set Up

    Duration: 9.42 Mins

    Now you know how to use the video camera on your phone, it's time to practice.

  • 5 - Practical 1 - Feedback

    Duration: 13.23 Mins

    How did the participants get on with their practical. You can certainly learn from their mistakes.

  • 6 - Making your videos even better

    Duration: 5.40 Mins

    This video is an overview of many things you can do to make your videos look and sound so much better. The number...

  • 7 - Framing

    Duration: 1.40 Mins

    Understanding framing and shot composition can improve the quality of your videos no end. And it's really easy...

  • 8 - Sound

    Duration: 18.59 Mins

    People are more likely to turn away from your videos if your sound is poor than if your picture is poor. So...

  • 9 - Lighting

    Duration: 7.31 Mins

    Light is like food for the lens. Too much and it'll feel sick, get it right and everyone is happy. And it's not...

  • 10 - Video Blogging - part 1

    Duration: 14.01 Mins

    You want to create information videos, video blogs, expert videos...? But how do you get started?

  • 11 - Video Blogging - part 2

    Duration: 14.25 Mins

    In part 2 we look at what makes a great video blog.

  • 12 - Video Blogging - part 3

    Duration: 13.14 Mins

    So you're ready to shoot your first video, but what's your style? Are you passionate, formal, friendly... Knowing...

  • 13 - Practical 2 - Video Blogging

    Duration: 14.01 Mins

    Now we know all about video blogging it's time to get on and have some practice.

  • 14 - Practical 2 - Feedback

    Duration: 12.41 Mins

    So much can be learnt from seeing how other people do things, so watch this video to get inspired.

  • 15 - Practical 2 - More feedback

    Duration: 14.34 Mins

    ... and more opportunity to see how easy it is to be great at this.

  • 16 - Video Testimonials

    Duration: 19.57 Mins

    The video testimonial is one of the most powerful video you can have for your business, as when you say how good...

  • 17 - Pratical 3 - Video Testimonials

    Duration: 10.05 Mins

    It's now a chance to have a good and shoot some testimonials

  • 18 - Summary

    Duration: 4.39 Mins

    We go over what we've learnt in the Easy-Pro Video Workshop

  • B1 - Bonus - Trimming video

    Duration: 8.15 Mins

    I don't cover editing in this course as that's at least another full day workshop. But it is worth knowing how to...

Easy-Pro Video Workshop

Price: £79.00
Duration: 300 Mins

Expert: Neil Ben

The Easy-Pro Video Workshop is a live event that takes place every couple of months in Watford. In the one day, participants learn the basic video functions of their phone, as well as filming techniques to improve the look and sound of their videos.

We then look at content; from coming up with your presenting style, to creating video blogs and capturing customer testimonials.

This online version of the workshop has been created from 7 hours of footage shot at one of the live events and is suitable for anyone who wants to get more out of their self shot videos, but are not able to attend a live workshop.

There are 5 hours of videos included in this programme.