On Demand with Neil Ben
  • Welcome to Easy-Pro Video Testimonails

    Duration: 3.00 Mins

    What are we going to cover in the course? What do you need? What can you expect?   Everything is answered...

  • Module 1 - Questioning Techniques

    Duration: 9.21 Mins

    The way to guarantee getting great testimonials is to have great questions. This module looks at generating...

  • Module 2 - Filming your testimonials

    Duration: 5.57 Mins

    You have in your pocket a video camera that shoots higher quality videos than the cameras being used at the BBC...

  • Module 3 - Trimming your questions out

    Duration: 8.17 Mins

    The best testimonials are when your interviewee's answers make perfect sense without hearing the question. But you...

  • Module 4 - Advanced interview techniques

    Duration: 6.22 Mins

    With nearly 30 years working in television and video production I've learnt a few tricks to getting people to talk...

  • Module 5 - Editing Testimonials

    Duration: 14.04 Mins

    This module gives you an idea what you could do if you wanted to edit together several testimonials in one video,...

  • Module 6 - Testimonial sequence

    Duration: 2.12 Mins

    Here's the finished sequence of the video testimonial sequence edited in the last module, to show you how a...

Video Testimonials

Price: £0.00
Duration: 60 Mins

Expert: Neil Ben

When you say how good your business is it can come across as boasting and arrogance, but when your clients say how good you are at what you do it's proof.

Learn to shoot your own video testimonials with your smartphone or tablet, the Easy-Pro Video way.

You will learn how to:

 1 - Create some great questions

 2 - Shoot testimonials with your smartphone

3 - Trimming your videos

 4 - Improve your interview techniques

5 - Demonstration on getting testimonials

This course will take about an hour to complete.

To see Neil's video testimonials visit: https://neilben.com/video-testimonials/