I'm a broadcaster and a serial entrepreneur. I've spent most of my life working in the broadcasting industry mainly for the BBC and running multiple businesses.

They often say "necessity is the mother of all invention" well that's a load of cobblers!

It's actually "Pain and Suffering" that gives birth to great solutions.

Let me explain. As a radio broadcaster and a public speaking trainer for over 25 years it was extremely difficult to do both.

During the day I ran a successful training business for wannabe radio presenters and public speakers. In the evenings I would do my Radio shows on the BBC.

But there was a problem, my daytime clients lived all over the country. I would travel each day to different parts of the UK.

I hardly saw my family and friends. At weekends I would sleep till very late to get some rest.

The early starts and the travelling began taking it's toll, it got so bad I started thinking of ways to quit my business and just focus on my evening job. But quitting wasn't me.

Training clients over the internet was an option but for that to work, I needed to create around 7 different accounts on 7 different platforms.

First, I needed to upgrade my website, then I needed a calendar booking system. Then a way to collect money and organise my invoices.

I would need a platform for live video conferencing, a whiteboard, PowerPoint, and play video clips. A PA to send out links to the webinar and send the hand outs.

All those technologies did exist but all on separate platforms.

I looked around, spoke to loads of other trainers and consultants and discovered I wasn't alone. That's when I came up with this crazy idea. What if such a solution could be built?

Although the idea came to me in a flash, it took over 2 years and 3 teams of engineers to complete. 

After months of rigorous testing Plugstreet.com was born.

If you would like to know more, book a 30 minute Free Initial Consultation with me and let me show you why this could be the best 30 minutes you'll ever invest.

What is Plugstreet and who is it for? I get asked this question all the time and the best was to describe Plugstreet is to think of it as your permanent cloud based Office, Studio, Workshop, Classroom or Surgery where your clients visit you, buy your service and where you actually serve your clients, eliminating unnecessary travel and the need for an expensive office space.

Plugstreet allows your customers to book appointments at a time that suit them. If you charge for your services they can securely pay you and receive booking and payment confirmation automatically. They will receive regular reminders about the appointment, ensuring they don't miss it. When the appointment time arrives they click on a link in their email and are taken into the video conference waiting room.

You as the expert on Plugstreet will receive regular updates of all the booking you have received. Plugstreet even sorts out your daily schedule, so all you do is log into your 'My Activity' page and start serving your clients.

Plugstreet has an advanced video conferencing system that allow you to serve anyone,  anywhere in the world, your client could be just up the road or half way around the world. 

Plugstreet offers advanced tools for 'Webinar' with the ability to present with PowerPoint presentation, play short videos, use an interactive whiteboard and do live Polls with your attendees.

You can find out more about Plugstreet by clicking on the "How To?" link at the top of the screen or in the menu list on mobile phones or tablets.

If you would like to discuss how Plugstreet can help you and your business save time and money, book a Free Initial Consultation by clicking on the green button just below the video on the profile page and let's talk. 


Plugstreet is ideal for a wide variety of professionals who need to connect with their client in order to serve them. If you have ever thought about expanding your business beyond your local city or region then Plugstreet is definitely the vehicle for you to use to achieve that.

Here are some examples of the type of professions that would benefit from joining Plugstreet.

Whether you're a language teacher, a music teacher, religious education teacher, or teacher of any one specific or a range of subjects, Plugstreet will help you serve your students better than ever before. You'll be able to teach your students as if you were in the same classroom as them. You'll have access to a digital whiteboard that allows you and the student to write on at the same time, you can play short videos, give and receive homework directly on Plugstreet. You can choose to recorded the whole lesson and the student will have access for revision purposes, this is ideal for added reassurance for parents of younger students.

Life Coaches
This is a rapidly growing industry with more and more people recognising the importance of having a coach to help them develop as individuals or as professionals. One of the biggest barriers to engaging with a life coach is the distance factor. Your ideal coach may not necessarily live near you, in fact may even live in a different country. Plugstreet instantly  eliminates borders and distances. Your clients will be able to book you and see you from anywhere in the world. With Plugstreet's advance webinar and video conferencing technology you can deliver your services just as good, if not better than being in the same room as your client. 

Staying connected with your mentees regularly is important. Plugstreet allows your clients to book meeting with you at a time that suits them and you. You can do one to one mentoring or a group session. You can ask your client to show what progress they have made and they can upload a presentation of what they have achieved, excellent for accountability and assessment of progress.  

Personal Trainers
The demand for good keep fit trainers is growing all the time and finding one that's affordable and more important, accessible is on the increase. As a keep fit expert, you can do your training with one client or a group of them. You can hold regular training sessions on Plugstreet, share personalised dietary guidance for each of your clients and see the physical progress being made by your clients.

If you're a solicitor and you want streamline your service the Plugstreet is the perfect solution to serve your existing clients and hold offer Free initial consultation to new clients. And because you can actually see the person you're talking to you can easily do verification checks by asking for a copy of their documents via Plugstreet. 

Regardless of which profession you are offering training in, Plugstreet will make you much more efficient. You won't need to travel up and down the country to carry out training sessions with your clients. You can simply run one to one training or Group training sessions and let your clients book themselves onto the session that works for them.

Are You A Consultant?
One to One / 1 hours 0 Mins Duration

As a consultant you'll often find yourself travelling long distances to see your clients, and sometimes your clients will take time off from work, catch a bus or train or wade through traffic to see you. 

Are You A Teacher?
One to One / 1 hours 0 Mins Duration

Whether you're a language teacher, a music teacher, religious education teacher, or teacher of a range of subjects, Plugstreet will help you serve your students better than ever before. 

Are You A Personal Trainer?
One to One / 1 hours 0 Mins Duration

The demand for professional Personal Trainers is growing all the time and finding a good PT who's affordable and more important, accessible is on the increase. 

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