Troubleshooting technical issues.

            One of Plugstreet’s primary objectives is to make the process of experts giving and consumers receiving advice as easy, seamless and stress – free as practicable. Whether you’re an expert or consumer, if the process is anything other than easy, seamless and stress – free, make sure that the following apply as a means of troubleshooting any problems you may be experiencing.


1.    Use a broadband, high – speed Internet connection.

A speedy internet connection is ideal for facilitating your work and its performance on Plugstreet. After all, sending and receiving a video of a high quality (both visual and sound) requires a fast and stable Internet connection. Disconnecting devices from your broadband router, and/or using an Ethernet cable to connect to the same, will improve your router’s connectivity and speed.


2.    Use Google Chrome.

Connecting with people via an internet browser is possible because of modern – day, cutting – edge technology. Google Chrome is the currently the best browser for facilitating work carried out via Plugstreet. Plugstreet will eventually expand its services to other browsers, once it is proven that the quality of service on Google Chrome will remain unchanged on those browsers.


3.    Use a webcam with at least 1280x720, 30FPS video output.

The personal computer you use for providing expert advice to your consumers must have a webcam integrated in its monitor or must include an external webcam. Otherwise, while you’ll be able to search for Experts and receive notifications from Plugstreet’s website, you won’t be able to make any calls without access to a webcam and microphone.


4.    Grant Plugstreet permission to use your webcam.

Whether Plugstreet's website will specifically ask you for permission to access your webcam will depend on which browser you are using. (Google Chrome once again is recommended highly.) If you receive that prompt, and if the option is available, select ‘always allow.’


Contacting Plugstreet.

            Should you have any issues or difficulties while using Plugstreet, you are encouraged to contact us directly at support@plugstreet.com, after which a technical assistant will respond to you via email at the earliest opportunity. Be sure to provide as much information with respect to the problem you are facing as practicable.