Plugstreet Cookies Policy


Plugstreet’s website uses cookies. A ‘cookie,’ from a computing perspective, is defined as: “a message, or segment of data, containing information about a user, sent by a web server to a browser and sent back to the server each time the browser requests a web page.” Plugstreet’s website uses cookies to enhance its users’ experiences with the website. Most websites nowadays use cookies because they allow for the storage of information regarding their users, and by extension, the improvement of their individual experiences with those websites as they use them repeatedly.

The main purpose of this Policy is to place Plugstreet in a position of compliance with its regulatory obligations as they relate to the use of website cookies. The relevant regulation is Regulation 6 of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

The information stored by cookies allows Plugstreet to send its own users advertisements which are targeted and are relevant to them specifically. In addition, Plugstreet will from time to time update its users in respect of its website improvements and events through those advertisements.

Plugstreet’s website compartmentalizes cookies as follows: ‘first party cookies’ (cookies issued directly by Plugstreet which are designed to improve its users’ use of its website); ‘third party cookies’ (cookies issued by websites other than Plugstreet’s as the user browses); ‘session cookies’ (cookies that store information for the duration of a user’s browsing of a website and which expire once that user’s browsing session has ended); and persistent cookies (cookies which are valid up until their set expiry date (usually 6 months), or until they are deleted by the user before that date).


1.    More about cookies.

The cookies used by Plugstreet’s websites usually do not contain information which personally identifies its users, but the personal information requested by Plugstreet as a precondition to becoming a member of its website may be linked to the information obtained by its cookies. The cookies of Plugstreet’s website can also be used to track and identify its users as they navigate different pages of its website and can pinpoint when a user returns to the website.


2.    Advertisements and authorized third parties.

Plugstreet’s website will occasionally utilize third – party companies to provide certain services, such as advertising campaigns. These third – party companies may accordingly collect information about the users of Plugstreet’s website, with such information including (but not being limited to) the users’ IP address. The third – party companies may subsequently issue cookies to certain users to send them advertisements which are targeted and are relevant to them specifically. Kindly note that Plugstreet has implemented countermeasures against any third – party obtaining any of its users’ personal information from its website and issuing cookies based on that information.

3.    The types of cookies used.

Plugstreet’s website uses ‘strictly necessary cookies,’ ‘functionality cookies,’ ‘performance cookies’ and ‘targeting and advertisement cookies.’

a.    Strictly necessary cookies are essential for enabling a user to navigate Plugstreet’s website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the website. The website cannot be used unless these strictly necessary cookies are implemented.

b.    Functionality cookies allow Plugstreet’s website to remember the choices its users make (such as their user names, preferred language and location) with a view to providing an enhanced and more personal user experience for them.

c.     Performance cookies collect information about how exactly the users of Plugstreet’s website use the website. Examples of this information include: the page(s) the users visit the most, and whether and to what extent certain pages produce error messages.

d.    Targeting and advertisement cookies are used by Plugstreet’s website to deliver advertisements which are especially pertinent to its users and their interests. They are also used to impose limits on the number of times a user is exposed to certain advertisements, while at the same time measuring the efficacy of their advertising campaigns.


4.    Flash cookies.

Plugstreet’s website may use flash cookies on occasion. A flash cookie is “a text file that is sent by a Web server to a client when the browser requests content supported by Adobe Flash, a popular browser plugin.” Flash cookies are installed onto a personal computer and are required to view certain advertisements or videos.


5.    Blocking cookies.

Plugstreet recognizes that not everyone will be on board with the prospect of their information (even if it is not personal or personally identifying) being stored by its website for any reason through cookies. The most commonly used internet browsers (i.e. Firefox and Google Chrome) are equipped with features which allow users to refuse to accept cookies automatically. Please note, however, that blocking cookies will severely compromise the usability of several websites (including Plugstreet’s) and will prevent its users from accessing all the website’s features.

a.    In Firefox, all cookies can be blocked by clicking ‘Tools,’ ‘Options,’ ‘Privacy,’ selecting ‘Use custom settings for history’ from the drop – down menu that appears and unticking the ‘Accept cookies from sites’ option.

b.    In Google Chrome, all cookies can be blocked by clicking ‘Customize and control,’ ‘Settings,’ ‘Show advanced settings,’ ‘Content settings’ and ‘Block sites from setting any data’ from the ‘Cookies’ heading.


6.    Deleting cookies.

The most commonly used internet browsers (i.e. Firefox and Google Chrome) are equipped with features which allow users to delete cookies.

a.    In Firefox, all cookies can be deleted by clicking ‘Tools,’ ‘Options,’ ‘Privacy,’ selecting ‘Use custom settings for history’ from the drop – down menu that appears, clicking ‘Show cookies’ and then clicking ‘Remove all cookies.’

b.    In Google Chrome, all cookies can be deleted by clicking ‘Customize and control,’ ‘Settings,’ ‘Show advanced settings,’ ‘Clear browsing data,’ ‘Cookies and other site and plugin data,’ and ‘Clear browsing data.’


Contacting Plugstreet.

Should you have any issues with or difficulties understanding our Cookie Policy, you are encouraged to contact us directly at [email protected].