How Plugstreet Works

How does Plugstreet work for a consumer?

How were you introduced to Plugstreet? Perhaps you were given a unique URL associated with its website (e.g. www.plugstreet.com/ray). 
Maybe an accountant who you met at a networking event recommended Plugstreet to you or to someone close to you. You may even have been searching for an expert in a field of study or professional discipline and discovered Plugstreet that way.

Through Plugstreet, you can book an appointment to converse with an expert in a field of study or professional discipline of your choice via its online conferencing facilities. Most of the experts on Plugstreet make themselves available for a free, initial consultation, the purpose of which would be to ascertain whether her/his services are commensurate with what you, the user, need.

Once you are satisfied with your selection of expert, you can book a fully paid appointment with her/him. The payment will be processed via a secure payment gateway. The session will be conducted through the online conferencing facilities mentioned previously, and once they are finished, you will be asked to provide feedback in relation to the expert and the service(s) she/he provided to you.

How does Plugstreet work for an expert?

a.    As an expert, you will need to create a profile on Plugstreet’s website and upload an introduction video. The introduction video should describe what you do for a living, the services you provide, the qualifications which permit you to provide those services, and your availability in terms of time and your schedule.

b.    Provide your payment details (i.e. the details of the bank or other account into which the fees and expenses for your rendered services will be paid). You will be prompted by the platform to supply your unique PayPal API details. A simple step by step video will walk you through the complete process. Please note that Plugstreet does not take any commission for what you earn on its platform.

c.     Create a unique URL (e.g. www.plugstreet.com/ray). This URL may be added to your LinkedIn profile (if you have one), your business cards and your other social media profiles. You can even connect your own domain name to your Plugstreet online profile.

d.    Indicate your availability using the interactive calendar which forms part of your Plugstreet profile. As an expert, you’re in direct control of when and at what times you work. This is particularly beneficial if you’re desirous of working part time or at specific times of the day only.

e.    You will receive a customer rating and feedback following each of your sessions (excluding Free Initial Consultations) with your consumers. As you establish a repertoire on Plugstreet, it will become easier to find new consumers. The higher your ratings and the more of them you receive, the more trust you will earn from both your consumers and your prospective consumers.