Acceptable Use Policy


This Acceptable Use Policy (“the Policy”) is designed to facilitate the use of Plugstreet in a manner which is consistent with the purpose for which it was created. The Policy does not propose to impose restrictions on conduct which is congruent with Plugstreet’s ethical, moral and professional standards. Instead, the Policy strives to protect all the users of Plugstreet by prohibiting any use of the website which is illegal, harmful or otherwise unintended by its creators.

Plugstreet hereby reserves the right to amend the Policy in any manner of its choosing, at any time it deems appropriate, and without notice to any of its users. The only exception to this right lies in the circumstance where an amendment to the Policy materially affects the way in which Plugstreet is ordinarily used. Should that circumstance come to pass, Plugstreet will inform its users of the amendment in writing and within twenty – eight (28) days of the date on which it is to take effect.

By using Plugstreet, you agree to be bound to the provisions of the Policy and to all the provisions contained therein.

1.     The objective.

It bears repeating that the objective of the Policy is two – fold: to enable Plugstreet’s users to use the website in a manner which is consistent with the purpose for which it was created; and to safeguard its users against uses of the website which are hereby prohibited. (These prohibitions are more particularly described in Paragraph 4 below.)


2.     The scope.

The Policy applies to Plugstreet’s users and its members of staff in equal measure. Plugstreet’s members of staff are responsible for exercising proper judgment with respect to ascertaining what constitutes an appropriate use of anything contained in Plugstreet, by reference to its ethical, moral and professional standards and to the applicable laws and regulations.


3.     The philosophy.

Plugstreet’s philosophy is that it will continually strive to ‘Change the way the business is conducted in the present.’ Our users are an extension of our brand, identity and philosophy, irrespective of whether they wish or intend to be. It is therefore critical that we clearly establish the ways in which Plugstreet is not to be used by the users.

4.     The prohibitions.

The following conduct is strictly prohibited on Plugstreet. It includes (but is not limited to):

a.     any conduct which would effectively contravene the applicable laws and regulations as they relate to copyright, or that could be reasonably perceived as plagiarism.

b.     attempting to gain unauthorized access to any Plugstreet account.

c.     billing clients improperly, or at the last minute, without giving the clients a reasonable period to peruse and approve the amendments to the billing.

d.     bringing the integrity and reputation of Plugstreet itself, its members of staff, agents, users and/or affiliated third parties into disrepute by publishing content which is likely to lower any of the parties mentioned previously in the estimation of right – thinking people.

e.     conduct which amounts to the commission of a criminal offence or otherwise unlawful act.

f.      downloading, disseminating, posting or otherwise making use of any material which, in the reasonable determination of a reasonable person, is or likely could be construed as being gory, immoral, obscene or otherwise objectionable.

g.     falsely offering or facilitating the false offering of expert advice pertaining to any subject matter of a field of study (such as economics), or professional discipline (such as medicine). For the avoidance of doubt, an offering will be deemed false if the offeror lacks the requisite qualifications or experience to make it from a position of knowledge and honesty.

h.     harassing Plugstreet’s members of staff, agents, users and/or affiliated third parties. ‘Harassment’ under this sub – paragraph is to be treated as being “the act or an instance of harassing, or disturbing, pestering, or troubling repeatedly; persecution.”

i.      interfering with or otherwise misusing Plugstreet and/or its resources in a manner which, in the reasonable determination of a reasonable person, would be unethical or unlawful.

j.      misrepresenting one’s identity, falsely claiming association with Plugstreet itself, or with a certain brand, individual, group, organization or other entity.

k.     misrepresenting one’s knowledge, experience, professional qualifications or skills (whether by knowingly providing false advice or information, or by providing incorrect advice or information), the correct version of which a reasonable expert armed with ordinary knowledge, experience, professional qualifications or skills relating to the field of study or professional discipline under which the advice or information was offered, would be reasonably expected to be knowledgeable of.

l.      registering an account with Plugstreet under a category which the person registering lacks the requisite, professional qualifications to proffer advice for or in respect of. An example would be registering as an attorney in circumstances where the person registering is neither a lawyer nor otherwise qualified to provide legal advice.

m.   sending emails in a manner or in a certain quantity which would amount to ‘spam.’

n.     using Plugstreet to gather personal or other information about its consumers, experts, professionals and other users in a manner which is fraudulent or otherwise unscrupulous.

o.     using Plugstreet to spread malware and other viruses to any electronic device.

5.     Enforcement of the Policy.

Without prejudice to any other remedy available to it, Plugstreet hereby reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account of any user which was misused by her/him on contemplation of the prohibitions outlined in Paragraph 4 above. In addition, Plugstreet hereby reserves the right to conduct a full, internal investigation into any conduct of its users which is alleged or reported to be unethical, criminal or otherwise unlawful. In so doing, Plugstreet will use information which is personal to that user and stored on the website and will provide that information on request, provided that the request is issued in pursuance of: the applicable laws and regulations; an Order made by a Court of competent jurisdiction; or a directive issued by a law enforcement agency.

If you think there is a form of misconduct occurring on Plugstreet, you are encouraged to contact us directly at [email protected]. We will endeavour to complete our investigations into the alleged misconduct as soon as practicable, but kindly note that in the interests of doing so, you may be called upon to assist us in any investigation into the conduct which you reported, and that by using Plugstreet, you agree to lend your assistance to it if it is requested.

6.     Governing laws.

The Policy will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of England and Wales. Any dispute arising from this Policy or from a user’s use of Plugstreet will be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.