If you want to be inspirational, influential and impactful in your most significant relationships, then turn the professional specialist, Harun Rabbani, who has been doing just this throughout his professional career. 


Over the course of 20 years in helping his clients transform their personal and professional lives, there is one common theme that has emerged. You are far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe.


Those who realise this will turn to some form of training, self-help and attitudinal shift. These are good steps. However, they do little address the cause of the barriers to their happiness, fulfilment and success.


Harun Rabbani specializes in helping his clients build influential relationships. This begins with the relationship you have with you. As a result, his clients can then develop influential relationships with others – your team, partners, customers, other influencers as well as your soulmate, family and your community (tribe).


Harun is known as an “Influence Channel” due to his connections with other great changemakers. He helps his clients transform their relationships through the webinars, retreats and 1-2-1 mentoring and consulting.


Harun has written a number of books for people to reclaim their own power, including “How To Heal Yourself”, “Horizon: Visioneering For The Globally Conscious Entrepreneur” and the soon-to-be-released “The Influencer’s Handbook”.


"I wanted to clear any blocks within myself that were preventing the deep connection i was seeking with a partner. 2.5 hours into the (Ultimate Soulmate Attraction Live) webinar, my phone rang and it was the person I was desiring to connect with."

- Lonna Bartley




“Handling people’s deep-seated traumas requires the depth of empathy that very few possess. Harun Rabbani is one such professional who not only has masses of empathy, but his no-BS approach to helping people process the causes of their pain and suffering gets results. It’s been a delight attending his healing retreats.”

- Jon Boys, Fire Walking Instructor


“Harun gave me many tools to use…I was free of my last ex and the ones before him, free of anger towards mum and, most important importantly, I was falling in love more and more with me, life and so much more!”

- Anna Bojaryn, Healer



“I am in absolute gratitude for Harun playing such a powerful role in my life. Specifically, his intuitive healing session helped me come full circle in my healing to do with my father issues. I had felt that my dad had taken a piece of my heart away.


By the time the session was done, I knew that a major shift had taken place because the feeling that arose was that my dad needed that piece of my heart to survive, when I could do without it. This blew my mind. Harun is one of the few people that I’d recommend for healing as his heart is aligned to your heart.”

- Vineet Bhatia, Coach



“Thank you Harun, you have saved me from what I thought would be a very miserable life!“

- Nomi Said, Marketing Consultant



“Harun and his work have helped me heal many areas of my life such as relationships, money and my inward journey. Harun is a gifted healer and his healing sessions are truly priceless and I’m unable to describe them as the experience is purely beyond words.”

- Sabrina Ben Salmi, Entrepreneur



“Harun worked with great intuition and openness, helping me to recognise that which I wasn’t so aware of before so that I can effectively move forward from where I am now to where I want to be with more peace and awareness.”

- Miranda Adams, Health Coach




“Even across the globe your intuitive and gentle process was profoundly effective and I felt clearer & more open at once and the proceeding week, although challenging at times, has seen, I believe, a continued opening and healing. I would have no hesitation in endorsing your process or recommending you to others.”

- Kathryn Anne, Consultant



"Life is supposed to be an adventure, but by the summer of 2014, I was in a terrible state. I felt like I couldn’t breath. I was suffering from so much anxiety that I barely slept 2-3 hours a night and, during the day, I lost perspective on life. Things got so bad that I was put on anti-depressants.


This is not who I am. Most of my life I had been an amateur athlete and a positive thinker, not a victim. However, a series of short painful relationships left me with little to no self-worth, dignity or even hope.


Over a number of months, I tried several reputable alternative and energy healing methods. Nothing worked for me and I became skeptical about any help. When I was just about to give up, I made one last ditch attempt and turned to Harun Rabbani.


After a brief conversation with him, I decided to give his method one chance. I spent the next weekend going through Harun’s Total Heart Transformation (THT) process. Despite my doubts, I was taken aback by what happened next.


Two days later, I came off the anti-depressants and within a week I was sleeping 7-8 hours again. My years of walking around with a broken heart was over. Then, the most incredible thing happened.


In less than 4 weeks of the healing weekend, I met the most amazing woman. We both fell in love with each other. A year later, I proposed to her and she said: “YES!”


Harun Rabbani has been a mighty force in helping me to get my life back. Thanks to his transformation process, I live with the most beautiful soulmate, my health is back on track and I am now finally working my dream job of being a schoolteacher.  


Regardless of your personal, career, health or life challenge, I strongly recommend you spend the weekend with him on one of his retreats. Not only have I reaped huge benefits from working with him, I’ve also witnessed many others also celebrate a much more happier, fulfilled and successful life."

- Richard Palash Asquith, Teacher



"I want to take the time to thank Harun - who is my Heart Transformational Coach & phenomenal Healer! I know he will not mind me saying this & I have said it to him many times, I am an empath & I read emotions!

When I first met Harun, he was doing a presentation and he spoke about what he does! I absolutely got nothing from him - I thought he was cold! How could this man be heart centred? In time I realised - it was because he has got his s**t sorted! He is not needing to be verified or have his ego stroked!!!


I can never do justice in a few sentences to cover what he has done for me!!! I know the mess I was when I met him. I actually didn't see a life without pain and felt I was wearing so many masks! I was invisible to myself in my own life! On the outside, I was successful, loved and yes had it all! However, inside I was in such raw pain, lost and felt there was no way forward! My health was poor, my psychological state was very low and I was so needy of being needed!


I had so many coaches etc approach me. They could not help me! I was a little girl that had been forgotten at the mall and wanted to be remembered!!! I was mourning living people. I could not focus on the love around me as I felt it was also going to be temporary and would also vanish in time! I went through sobbing my heart out in that raw loud animal way to stillness which was worse! There is no fight in that! I felt so worthless!


Harun kept reaching out and I kept ignoring him feeling that how can this cold man know how to help me! No one could l as my pain was ongoing! Regular reminders tortured me about what I had lost! Then one day - just to get rid of him - I agreed to Skype. I felt it was going to be a couple of hours that I would never get back and I would feel further drained by having to be polite! How wrong was I...


For the first time in years I felt some peace and I felt I had a tiny smidgen of control!


Harun is one of the most powerful empowering healers I have been blessed to meet! I now work with my core values in everything I do. For the first time in my life I feel totally aligned!!! I have made peace with my loss and the hurt it generated! I have learnt to forgive both myself and the people who I felt let me down. I know each session I walk away with deeper insight, empowered and further healed!


What I love is that he has given me tools for life that will always keep me focused and strong in my journey! He is not interested in having lifelong clients - how boring would that be! He is driven by helping you to gain life long understanding & fulfilling your purpose!


I love our sessions. I love seeing his joy as I experience yet another breakthrough and that cheeky look of simply knowing that everything is simply unfolding as it should .


I can say with happy tears in my eyes that Harun has changed my life! I have a very strong Bally back! I am blessed to call him my dear friend who I know will be a massive part of my life always, someone whose wisdom I respect and know we will collaborate in a massive way in the near future!


Harun, I am so grateful that you came into my life as a phenomenal blessing! I will always cherish our friendship and love you lots! As a family we appreciate the gift you are in our lives!

- Bally Aujla


"I’m a student in my early twenties. I have never considered any kind of healing, therapy or guidance or mentoring before. I can handle most things. Even though I am very happy with my life, there are some areas that I was getting me down. This included relationships with the wrong kind of men; and exam pressures. Thanks to Harun’s Total Heart Transformation process, I have been able clear my relationship karma and, as a result, I am now in a relationship with the most amazing man who absolutely adores me and I him.


Now, about exams. Last year, I sat an exam and was genuinely expecting to get 45%. So Harun took me through a deep intention-setting process to achieve a higher grade. I thought he was nuts when he said aim for 65% especially as I had already finished my exam. I would have been happy with 55%. I could not believe my eyes. I didn’t get 65%. I got 63%."

- Brooke Millhouse, Student





Hello my name is Eileen Gallagher and I have been Harun’s client for just over a month now. 

I was instantly intrigued by Harun’s Facebook Live videos. He seemed authentic and very powerful and, within days, we were speaking on phone agreeing to work with one another.

For 15 years I was feeling terrified of everything and everyone. I had anxiety, depression and paranoia. I had no life because the fear was switched on constantly. As a result, I had IBS for every single day for 15 years, too. This was paralysing me.


The fear of having IBS symptoms around others meant I lived an enclosed life with lots of pain, suffering and sadness. Harun came along and in such a short period of time has transformed my world. I feel so different. I am happier, stronger and I feel more like myself, which I have not felt in many years. 

I had done a healing session one night and the day after I was driving my car and couldn’t stop saying: “WOW! WOW! WOW!” 




Because it felt like a miracle had happened. The anxiety was gone. Up till now, I had completely forgotten what calmness felt like even when I was alone. It was such a blessing to feel blissful again. Such a beautiful feeling. A feeling I had lost.

Harun is completely genuine, sincere and I trust him completely. I know Harun is the only mentor/healer I will ever need as he is taking me through the process of being my authentic self, which is my number one desire.


And then to find my ultimate soulmate. I am so close to attaining these two desires, and that is quite astonishing, and has came at a very fast tracked pace because of Harun’s mentorship.

I know Harun does not do what he does just for money. WHY?


Because if you work with Harun you will feel he cares like no other mentor. He will provide you with so much more value, over and above than what you expected guaranteed. He will care and he will love you. He will want nothing but the best for you and you will feel that from him.

I went from not wanting to be here, to extremely excited about my future, excited about who I will become, what I will achieve, the mother and partner I will become. I am ecstatic and could not be happier. I could not have done it without Harun and I am forever grateful to him."



Eileen Gallagher, Coach

To help you build inspiring, influential and impactful relationships, Harun offers the following services:



Want to powerful results faster and most effectively?


Save yourself much needed time, effort and money by joining this personalised mentoring programme. Everybody is unique in their personality makeup and how they relate to the world. The private sessions are designed to establish your authentic power and how you apply your greatest strengths into your relationships.


This is a high impact 90-Day (12-week) mentoring programme for highly ambitious caring individuals who wish to significantly accelerate their own transformation and the significant people in their lives. This mentoring is suited to for leadership-related issues (business and organisational leaders, ambitious executives), soulmate relationships (attracting a soulmate, dealing with relationship conflicts/breakdowns) and business-growth challenges (team building and client acquisition).


The Mentoring Programme includes:

- Weekly 75-90 mins video call (includes mentoring, coaching, consulting and healing)

- Weekly email updates by the mentoring client

- Unique personality profiling

- Access to employee engagement measurement tool (for business owners of 20+ employees)


Applying for the Mentoring Programme

- Schedule a "Free Initial Consultation" (30-minutes)

- Complete the questionnaire sent to you prior to the consultation 

- Once your application has been accepted, schedule your first session and make payment. 



Want to get high value transformation without leaving your office or home?


There are several distinct benefits to attending Harun Rabbani's live and interactive webinar:


1. You save a great deal of travel time and costs in experiencing transformation. 

2. Webinars are highly specialised and focused on creating value better tailored for you, the webinar attendee. 

3. Much greater quality learning as they are delivered by a a seasoned expert.

4. You are able to reinforce the learning by returning to the replay of the webinars.

5. The interactivity ensures your most difficult questions are addressed. 


Harun Rabbani offers monthly webinars. 


1. The Ultimate Soulmate Attraction Live Webinar (2.5 hours)

Relationships are everything. Having a life partner is more than just being in a relationship. When nurtured well, your soulmate is your best friend, confidante, lover, someone to lean on during the challenging times and someone to also share amazing adventures with. 


The Ultimate Soulmate Attraction Webinar is specifically for single men and women who have the desire to be in a healthy, harmonious and fulfilling relationship between now and the next 12-months. For more information, click on the "Live Group Session" below.


2. Building an Influential Team and Tribe (45-60 mins)


A recent worldwide survey found that about 86% of employees are disengaged within organisations. In such situations, the best talent often leave to work for the competition. This leaves the least productive and most disengaged workers remaining. As a result, your business may be losing £000's every month due to poor productivity. 


During this live and interactive webinar, you'll get a clear insight and overview of the various hidden ways your company is bleeding the most cash and the best talent. You'll also get an insight into how you can stem the bleeding and transform your business into a profitable business that makes a positive difference to the lives of your people, the planet as well as your profits. 


This webinar is only for caring, business-owners with teams of 20+ staff who wish to create a much more inspiring, influential and impactful team. To join this webinar, send an email to harun@harunrabbani.com




This is a 2-day deep dive into releasing deep, emotional trauma that are blocking you from happiness, fulfilment and success in your health, career and relationships. The Retreat is open to adults only and are held at different locations. The Retreat includes:


- 2 days of letting go of deep emotional traumas with Harun Rabbani and his team of professionals

- Finding your authentic self and the daily practices that contribute to your true happiness and fulfilment

- Getting rid of the old subconscious programming that are holding you back

- Discovering a greater purpose and vision to your life

- Attracting the people who will significantly improve your flow in life (including your soulmate)

- Learning how to gracefully manage inner conflict and relationship conflict (at home and work)


To find out more about the next Total Heart Transformation, copy and paste this website onto a new browser:




The next Retreat is on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October. Complete this questionnaire on the above page. 





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