I am a driven, passionate individual with over 25 years of experience in Health and Social Care.I began my career working with children, through which I obtained my NNEB and hold a registered manager Level 4 qualification. 

I was an informal carer to my-in-laws for many years and have an immense interest in dementia care which led me to join the organisation (“the Charity”) with whom I have worked for in the last 25 years. 

I quickly progressed and became a Coordinator, then advanced to Senior Coordinator position.  From here I progressed to the position of Care Manger, followed by the position of a Registered Manager and then the Operations Manager.   I had for the last 3 years been employed as Head of Operations whereby my role is that of supporting the CEO with the overall running of a wide range of services and overseeing the acquisition and development of new services. My prime role was to direct the management of the delivery of services for the Charity. 

I worked closely with the CEO and Senior Managers to ensure that the organisation we worked within delivered quality services to the carers and cared for and was meeting our contractual requirements in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Having worked through so many varied roles in the health and social care sector I have obtained invaluable knowledge, in depth experience and a full and broad skill set as well as an in-depth understanding of every element of this service sector from admin/care level to mid management level to senior level and every level in between.

During the later part of my career my employed role included the responsibility to ensure that the Charity maintained their quality standards as required by their registration with the CQC (the Care Quality Commission) I ensured that the Charity not only maintained their quality standards for the regulated part of their services but also improved to achieve better standards. I am immensely proud of my achievement to be the only manager, in the history of the Charity   to have achieved an ‘excellent’ in the CQC inspection, being the highest grade in the CQC ratings system.

I am a very innovative, driven, hardworking and a passionate person, and feel I have the determination, leadership skills and management skills to support your organisation through CQC inspections. The skills and attributes mentioned above give me the tools and wealth of knowledge to support you and your organisation through every aspect of CQC.

Salma’s Care Consultancy supports health and social care organisations to improve care quality and outcomes.  I offer expert advice, guidance and support in relation to a wide range of services with a focus on regulation by CQC.


I have over 25 years of experience in working within the Health and Social Care industry and nearly a decade of working with compliance standards. Having gained valuable expertise, I now work with care homes, domiciliary (home care) agencies and their business partners in assisting them in issues if regulation of care quality, inspecting care services and working in health and social care settings. Through my broad and well tuned skill set I can support your organisation in meeting the standards, enabling you to succeed via an innovative continuous improvement strategy which will support you to meet the higher CQC standards whilst providing person-centred care.


Working alongside your organisation I assist to to focus on all the correct elements of compliance, procedure and policy to obtain, maintain and better CQC grading ultimately working towards obtaining an Excellent grade and thereafter maintaining. My services include evaluating your processes, procedures, compliance's and service user feedback and identifying potential pitfalls and areas for improvement and adoption.  I also then can assist you to put in place a workable continuous improvement action plan and can also assist with implementation and monitoring of such plan or both within an agreed period of time.  It is a known fact the CQC look favourably at those who have a "critical friend " and take continuous improvement seriously. 

As the Head of Operations, with over 25 years’ experience in the Health and Social Care industry, my responsibilities were to oversee the management and delivery of all services for the Charity.  The Charity having a turnover of over £3 million.  


I supported the Chief Executive with the Charity’s vision and business plan.  I worked closely with the CEO and Senior Managers to ensure that the Charity was delivering quality, effective, user led services to the carers and cared for. I supported, coached, mentored and line managed the HR Manager, Training Manager, Registered Managers, Finance Manager, Wellbeing Service Manager and Communications Officer.


I was responsible for all aspect f Health and Safety, dealing with formal complaints and any serious safeguarding issues. I lead and outline company policies and procedures. I am responsible for ensuring the delivery of services are within budgets, facilitating board meetings, and responsible for supporting senior staff members to carry out disciplinary meetings.



NVQ Level 4 Registered Manager NVQ Level 3 Supervisory Yesterday Today and Tomorrow working with Dementia (accredited By Alzheimer Society)LDAF Autism Manual Handling Train the Trainer Diploma in NNEB Safe Guarding Adults and Children Clarity 4D Train the Trainer Health and Safety QCF Level 3 Safe Handling of Medication Equal Opportunity Qualification


Employment and Experience

Carers Trust Heart of England

Head of Operations

April 2016 – December 2018


Currently working with the Chief Executive on a business transformation plan. Frequently deputising on behalf of the Chief Executive which has supported business continuity. 
Enhanced my own personal growth and development by working in collaboration with a Business development manager. Playing a strategic and integral role in developing and overseeing the delivery of quality services. Working closely with managers on implementing the service models.Working closely with the managers across the business to understand their requirements and to tailor change initiatives and providing support accordingly.Writing up policies and procedures for the charity following good practice standards and ensuring clear guidelines for implementation.
 Working alongside the Communications Officer in developing internal and external communications strategies through social media platforms and websites. Led on TUPE transfers, through the business change, enabling a smooth transition for the onboarding of staff members.
Developing relationships with Stakeholders, Commissioners and the Private Sector. Developing and implementing a reporting and monitoring process for all the services across   the organisation. Working closely with the CEO and Senior Managers to ensure that we are delivering quality, effective, user led services to the carers and the cared for leading to “Good” outcomes from the Care Quality Commission. Responsible for meeting contractual requirements in Coventry and Warwickshire and those of the Care Quality Commission. Responsible for managing budgets and attending board meetings as well as representing the organisation externally led the delivery and implementation of specialist projects in relation to funding, staffing and monitoring thereby meeting the organisation’s requirements. Led the delivery and implementation of Health and Safety policies and procedures. Responsible for creating a training strategy and developing a quality training action plan for staff onboarding. Lead Officer of Safeguarding for children and adults, responsible for updating all policies and procedures, working alongside the external trainer to ensure the training is delivered according to the guidelines. Responsible for handling formal complaints, ensuring they are investigated and resolved appropriately, and the necessary action taken. Line Manager responsibilities include: Finance Manager, Wellbeing Service Managers, Registered Managers, Communications Officer, Informal Carers Training Coordinator, Occupational Health Team and a HR Manager. Key Skills include, SWAT Analysis, Process Modelling, Process Mapping, Client Relationship Management.

Carers Trust Heart of England

Operations Manager

November 2012 – March 2016


Ensured successful delivery of quality services across Coventry and Warwickshire. Ensured management and delivery off core objectives. Met quality standards and ensured Care Quality Commission compliance is kept up to date Maintained our Investors in People accreditation continually since 1999. Awarded a Care Quality Commissioner Excellent Rating as a Registered Manager for the delivery of services. Introduced effective ways of working minimising waste via a LEAN approach Led on the recruitment strategy for staff retention and staff onboarding.


Carers Trust Heart of England

Registered Manager

April 2010 – October 2012


Ensured the timely delivery of contracts which met the quality standards appropriate customers. Oversaw and updated support plans and risk assessments to ensure compliance with Care Quality Commission’s regulations.Delivered against contracts and oversaw the setup of new contracts. Led on creating organisational policies and procedures. Line managed the Care Manager, Coordinators and the Admin Team along with 110 Care Support Workers. Supported HR Team with Payroll. Ensured health and safety requirements were met. Ensured staff appraisals, supervisions and quarterly monitor meetings were scheduled and facilitated accordingly. Carried out investigations of any complaints, liaised with the commissioners around contracts and managed budgets. Other responsibilities included; designing promotional leaflets with the marketing coordinator, writing up contracts for staff. Ensured Successful delivery of approximately 2000 care hours each week.





Support with CQC inspections and ratings:

Asses your current performance, and to develop and deliver improvement plans to help your services to be safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.Work with care providers to develop and deliver their improvement plans either before or after inspection. The improvement plan may be for an individual service, or it may have implications and benefits for the whole care group.

Support with CQC Inspections and Ratings:

Carryout Pre audit inspections to identify any potential pitfalls in compliance.
Assist your organisation to prepare for a Care Quality Commission inspection, and to respond to a poor rating. Assist your organisation to prepare for a Care Quality Commission inspection, and to respond to a poor rating.Collaborate with your organisation to develop and deliver improvement plans – either before or after the inspection. This improvement plan may be for an individual service, or it may have implications and benefits for the whole care group.

Support Plans & Person-Centred Risk Assessments

 work with your organisation to develop person centred support plans and risk assessments in guidelines with CQC requirements
Draft tailored support plans that are user friendly and meet the requirements of CQC. reviews your organisation’s support plans/report sheets review support plans to check for a focus on personalisation, check that plans are used, and regularly reviewed and updated. review person-centred risk assessments to check for a focus on personalisation, check that plans/risk assessments are used, as well as regularly reviewed and updated.

Policies and procedures:

Drafting in-house policies and procedurereview your organisations in-house policies and procedures and make recommendations for any inclusions/exclusions and support with amendment.

Policies I have a specialism in are:

Accidents and incidents reportingComplaints and whistle-blowingDiversity and equalityMedicines managementMental capacityDoLSMoving and handlingPower of attorneySafeguardingWhistle BlowingHealth and SafetySupervision and appraisal and many more.

Assist to ensure that your organisation's policies meet the good practice guidelines ensuring first time quality, the regulatory and legislative requirements as set out by the Care Quality Commission, NICE and the Care Act 2014.

Review and update your policies and procedures in accordance with CQC and Care Act requirements.  For example, I can review safeguarding; decision making (MCA); DoLS; whistleblowing; complaints; behaviour and physical interventions; and codes of practice for staff and volunteers.



Site visits and evaluation:  

evaluate care servicescarrying out interviews and workshops with staff and clients, and report on my findings with recommendations

Safeguarding reviews and audits:


review safeguarding policies and procedures, including the criteria for what constitutes an alert, processes for reporting issues, review of near misses, and what has been done as a result of safeguarding reports.

make recommendation or draft changes to policies, procedures and practice. assist to establish lead roles for safeguarding, plus internal safeguarding adults’ boards where required.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards: 

Review DoLS authorisations within support plans.


Present recommendations to senior managers, chairs and trustees as a written report with clear actions and review process.  

Recruitment Process:

Review and ensure that there is an effective recruitment and selection procedure in place that complies with the requirements of this regulation

ensure that appropriate checks for both employees and directors are carried out.review staff personnel files to check that there is sufficient evidence to appointreview the recruitment process for volunteers

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