I have been coaching and training people for twenty years and, to date, I have worked with thousands of individuals and organisations from over thirty countries - the list is still growing.

I do this using a combination punch of: 

Solution focused, incisive coaching

NLP Training (I'm an international Master Trainer of NLP)

Personal and professional development workshops, talks and seminars

Forty years of business experience and success in roles from trainee sales to MD

I am happy to work face to face or online using internet technology (Plugstreet is my platform of choice)

If YOU are truly hungry to succeed, I can help you:

Set empowering and meaningful goals for life, business, career, relationships, whatever you choose Break through the mental and emotional barriers that may be holding you back Set clear strategies and action plans that will take you step by step to achieving what you have only dreamed of achieving 

My brand is Coaching Wolves because, like the wolf pack in the wild, I help my clients to achieve total focus, insatiable appetite for achieving success, relentless effective action and RESULTS

If you'd like to know more, why not book an exploratory conversation today by clicking the link below labelled Free Initial Consultation? Let's find out how I can help you to unleash YOUR wolf. 

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