Neil helps experts (coaches, trainers, therapists, speakers and mentors) translate their knowledge and expertise into engaging video content so they can make a bigger difference to not just the people they work with, but with a much bigger audience too.

Neil is a BBC trained, BAFTA nominated Writer / Producer / Director with nearly 30 years working in Television and Video Production.He has won awards from the Royal Television Society, Japan Education Television (twice) and received an FSB for the innovative way he helps businesses use video.

Neil has written and directed programmes for the BBC, Sky, Channel 5, Discovery, Nickelodeon, CBeebies and Teachers TV and he's so excited to be working with you.


“Neil is not only great at creating videos, he actually understands how people learn. So he’s been able to take our concepts and make them so much more engaging from a learning perspective.”  

Leigh Ashton – Co-Founder of Sasudi – “Making Sales Easy”

“There are lots of people out there with the technical skills to shoot a video. But being able to tell a story with what you shoot is quite a different skill set, and Neil has both.

The training films that Neil produced for me knocks the socks off anything else out there.”

Jason Buckley - The Philosophy Man

“Neil has incredible ideas all the time. He’s a genius at what he does.”

Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards - Kickass Branding

“Neil, you are a man of utter passion and dedication to your art. Your films capture the essence of my work, allowing others to see in an instant what my workshops offer”

Malcolm Stern - Director of Alternatives  and Psychotherapist

“I got an enormous amount of value from your knowledge of self-shot video and the kit you can use to improve your filming.” 

Stuart Reid - Stuart Reid Consulting, Trainer / Facilitator

“Within minutes, I started learning some amazingly useful things about the video camera on my phone, and it just carried on like that from there... Superb.” 

Carl French - Carl French, Publishing

"We wanted someone who knew how to turn our ideas into training videos that really engaged the learners. Neil delivered way more than we were expecting."

Andy Cook - CEO,  Marshal-James

You are the subject expert.

Neil is the video expert who can help you to translate that expertise into amazing, revenue generating video content.

He can:

- advise you with your video strategy

- help write your video scripts

- show you how to film you own videos

- help you design and create your own On Demand courses

or if you want

- write, produce and direct everything for you

Working with Neil is fun. Simple as that. Yes he's professional, organised and experienced, but when you keep things fun the camera captures that energy and makes your videos engaging.


Every video he produces is as unique as the person he is working with. Neil also sees the big picture very quickly, so be prepared to work fast.

This Seller currently has no One to One Appointment! Check back soon!

This Seller currently has no Group Session! Check back soon!

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