Croz is a Speaker, Consultant, Teacher, Author and Artist.  He is one of the most knowledgable people you could ever meet on the power of our mind.

"The things you learn from experience never lose value", so says Uncle Croz.

Learning to accept lifes challenges and how to deal with them is the platform Croz Crossley has been teaching for over 25 years.

Croz is a business coach, a mentor to individuals and a fountain of knowledge to all the corporate gatherings he addresses every year.

His message is simple and that is be clear as to where you are going, make where you are where you want to be and finally get rid of all the baggage from the past.

Over the many years Croz has been teaching he has created some wonderful anecdotes and lessons that resonate with everybody who genuinely want to change their life.

He jokingly says that he has an unfair advantage on younger people teaching about life skills because he has 70 years of experience to look back over and it is not until many years later that lessons from an event are usually learned.

With 50 years of business experience and 25 years of studying what makes us tick Croz imparts his knowledge and wisdom in a way that makes his message fun but very powerful. 

Croz has a wealth of experience to share after having been in business for over 50 years. Although there were many success’s, he says that most of his wisdom and knowledge comes from the things that went wrong during that time. 

After one very bad situation about 25 years ago when he lost everything. After that he really struggled trying to get back in 5 minutes what had taken many years to accumulate. He also at this time learnt that you never make good decisions when you are stressed. 

That is when he set about studying how powerful our mind is and how much control we have over what happens in our life.  Using these teachings he climbed back up the ladder and put himself in a better position than he had been before and then set about telling as many people as he could about these amazing teachings. 

Whether it be business or personal life understanding and using these teachings can change everything. 

Croz has spoken all over the world including Australia, America, South Africa, Thailand, France, Spain, Bali and many other places, sharing the stage with some great speakers and celebrities in the self-development world.

Croz has also been featured on many radio and TV shows and is often sought out to comment on subjects appertaining to how our mind works.

Making these teachings simple and understandable has been a great journey and now Croz jokes that he has made them so simple people cannot believe they work. Croz works with business people, individuals and also with couples. He also works with groups in workshops either ’in house’ or at regular venues in the UK. 

Croz is highly skilled in communications that build and enhance relationships.

Croz understands that everybody is an individual.

Croz communicates with clients on many levels, mentally, verbally, spiritually.

Croz interacts with clients with kindness, understanding, power and when needed a little bit of persuasion.

Croz does not judge, he is quick witted and his words are very powerful. He can sense your true intentions, integrity and has an inbuilt sense of justice.

Croz has the ability to teach you how to get what you want out of life.

When working with Croz he creates a safe space for you to fully express yourself and to let you dig deep and find the underlying reason for any problem. It is difficult to verbalise exactly what Croz does because he just seems to talk in a calm measured way that exudes confidence in his message and his results speak for themselves.

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